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Our goal then and now is to provide a platform that connects business leaders

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We Publish Articles and Abstracts, organize inspire seminars and Events that connects Business leaders.

Upcoming Events

b2b logistics and supply chain (3)

Smart Logistics & Supply Chain Summit

October 21st-22nd 2020 | Prague, The Czech Republic.

b2b blockchain


November 21st-22nd 2020 | Bangalore, India

b2b conclave leadership

Global Leadership Empowerment Forum

October 28th-29th,2020 | Prague, Czech Republic

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We are open and invite you to partner with us. We will tailor the partnership to fit your needs. Whether your aim is to encourage entrepreneurship at a local level or source start-ups in your sector of interest we offer opportunities that enhance your investment and meet your needs and budget.

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Our speaker dives into more detail and discussion on their pursuits, transferring benefiting ideas on stage to every product creators and entrepreneurs.

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Believing in treating our clients with respect and faith We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and ethics into all aspects of our functioning


We publish journals from all aspects of Science and Technology, bringing business information and opportunities to the doorsteps of business leaders and to the general public

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