Our story

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About us

B2B-CONCLAVE was established with the aim of publishing free articles and news that covers all aspects of industries in today`s world.

B2B-CONCLAVE are publishing journals from all aspects of Science and Technology, bringing business information and opportunities to the doorsteps of business leaders and to the general public.

B2B-CONCLAVE also conduct intensive researches in all industries and raise high quality International conferences across the globe, where knowledge transfer takes place through debates, interactive discussions, workshop presentations, seminars, training, summit, and exhibitions.

Mission Statements

To provide an informative and a connecting platform for industrial leaders, and companies to connect with, interact, and thereby established a bilateral business relationship.

Our Vision

To create a global community of high-potentials and successful business leaders, companies and industries, building an anchor of business for both parties through innovation and advanced technology.


Our Values

  • Believing in treating our clients with respect and faith We grow through creativity, invention and innovation.
  •  We integrate honesty, integrity and ethics into all aspects of our functioning

Our Goals

world expansion in the field of publication and events services and develop a strong base of key clients, to build good reputation and become a key player in the industry.