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About The Event

We are pleased to invite you to 2019 International Digital Manufacturing Summit scheduled on May 20th-22nd 2019 in Berlin Germany. The summit is aimed at bringing manufacturing leaders new insights, current and future trend of manufacturing industry.  According to the survey of PWC, 91% of industrial companies are investing in creating digital factories in the heart of Europe. Digitalizing the production process is changing the way we live and challenging the fundamental concept of manufacturing, Where and how to catch up the speeding pace of the world remain the critical issue. We’d love to bring all the manufacturing leaders from around the world in one room to discuss the recent trend, tactics and elaborate the practices in this realm with expertise and colleagues. The event will also cover the current issues of the Industry 4.0 such as the topics of BlockChain, IoT, AI etc. Also talk about how to implement those technologies in practice such as innovative culture implementation, blueprint drawing. From the conference, we believe that the delegates will be able to get complete pictures of future trend and find new opportunities through excellent mix of case studies, interactive panel discussions, speed networking and workshops.

Key Practical Learning Points Of The Summit​

  • Cchanging maritime regulation by the IMO
  • Key points to be considered before investing in ways to tackle the regulations
  • Use of advanced material: The Nano scale
  • Big data analytics: oceanographic data, maritime accident data and personal information can be used to create and apply new algorithms
  • System tools to protect the data from cyber attacks
  • Usage of robotics on port while loading and unloading
  • Sensors to monitor the parts of the ship
  • Communication with the ship: The connected ship
  • New technologies in Power and Propulsion

Who should attend?

Manufacturing Leaders,Vice Presidents,Directors,Heads of  Departments,Managers,Researchers,Team-leaders,Engineers From the Following Sectors..

  • Industrial Automation
  • Manufacturing
  • IT
  • Digital
  • Operations
  • Productiont
  • Cyber Security
  • Plant
  • Factory
  • Big Data
  • Performance Optimization
  • Research & Development
  • IoT
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligent
  • Automation
  • Robotic
  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Digitalization
  • Security
  • Process Automation

Why Attend?

As industrial companies are investing in creating digital factories, and Where and how to catch up the speeding pace of the world remain the critical issue. This is a great opportunity and platform for all manufacturers and stakeholders in the industry to, get acquainted with the latest topics of Industry 4.0, and the Industrial Internet of Things will be fully displayed. In this international event, a special attention will be given to all delegates, industry trends and the re-emerging manufacturers from all over the globe to showcase their business, secure new deals, build new channels and also learn about how to make a bold and great steps to digital manufacturing new world


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